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Whether it’s your first or 50th, there’s something about riding on an airboat through the Florida Everglades at Wild Florida that makes you want to shout, “Again!”

Our U.S. Coast Guard approved airboats can skim across the shoreline while you look for wildlife, or disappear into endless beautiful swamps, marshes and rivers.

Our experienced captains have a knack for being able to pick out alligators, eagles, and other wildlife that build their homes in the waterways near Wild Florida.

Each time you head out onto the water, you’ll see and experience something different. For variety, you can choose from a half-hour, hour, private, or night-time adventure.

We get asked a lot about bringing young children on our airboats. Children under 3 are free, and the steady vibrations and fresh air often puts them right to sleep!

Safety is our top priority on our airboat rides. We provide life jackets and ear protection for each guest on our voyages out into the Florida Everglades.  We are committed to the health, safety, and well-being of our guests, staff, and animals. No job is so important and no service is so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our work safely to prevent accidents or  injuries to our guests and animals. Here are a few safety points and plans for our guests and animals.

Airboat Operations

Wild Florida has a great reputation when it comes to our airboat tours. We have never had an accident and plan to keep it that way. Our vessels are U.S. Coast Guard approved and inspected on an annual basis. On the vessels are life preservers for each guest, fire extinguishers, a flare gun, and a throw ring if necessary.

In case of an emergency, we have an accident plan
We have an incident report if needed
Our loading dock is ADA Compliant
There is always a way to communicate to home base and/or 911 anywhere on site or while out on an airboat tour

Gator and Wildlife Park Safety

In case of a snake bite, we have a snake bite protocol.
Our animals are checked regularly by a veterinarian.
We have a veterinarian on call at all times.
We have an accident plan for emergencies.

In our Gator and Wildlife Park, we have over 200 animals on display, including zebras, sloths, lemurs, bobcats, and other exotic species. We have a walk-in bird aviary with ducks, parrots and other birds from all over the world. Our animal keepers are very knowledgeable about the habits and history of the animals in our Gator and Wildlife Park. You can even fulfill your lifelong dream by working as an animal keeper for a day. It’s only one of the many interactive programs we have with our animals.

Some of the many exhibits offered at the Gator and Wildlife Park:

Macaw & Peacock Aviary
Duck Exhibit
Hawk Swamp Entrance
Petting Zoo
Walk-in Bird Aviary
Exotic Animal Presentations
Refreshment Gazebo (get your gator food, petting zoo cones, aviary food sticks and pictures with fluffy)
Gator feeding and viewing dock
Kids Playground
Birds of Prey Exhibit
Fox Exhibit
Raccoon Exhibit
Bobcat Exhibit
Gator Feeding Show
Dear & Turkey Exhibit
Zorse & Zdonk
African Plains Exhibit
Wild Bear Exhibit
Ringtail Lemur Exhibit
Red Roughed Lemur Exhibit
South American Sloth Exhibit
Austrailia Wallaby Exhibit
Snake Exhibit 
Africa Porcupine Exhibit
Asia Exhibit
Columbia Tamarin Exhibit
Serval Exhibit
Gator Platform


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