Urban Adventures – Los Angeles – Ethnic Neighborhoods Food & Culture [SULC]


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Trip style: Food/Cuisine/Market Visits; Heritage & History; Walking/Orientation

Language Tour: English

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On this LA tour, you’ll venture off the beaten path into some of Los Angeles most ethnic enclaves, where locals live as though they’ve never left home. Signs in foreign languages, traditional snack shops, and ethnic markets line these neighborhood streets, making each visit an epic adventure you won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

To kick off this LA food tour, you’ll learn how these enclaves came about, what makes them unique, and where to find some of the city’s best and most hidden ethnic cuisine. We’ll enjoy unique and delicious tastings in markets, restaurants, bakeries, and hole-in-the-wall eateries, making sure to include a variety of both sweet and savory ethnic LA food.

As we walk and ride the metro through the neighborhoods, you’ll get to observe life in some of LA’s most vibrant areas, highlighting traditional homes, architecture, and cultural hotspots.

From Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination site to Korean karaoke bars, and Thai spirit houses, this cultural Los Angeles tour introduces you to the city’s lesser-known and off-beat sectors, where you’re sure to discover many treasures and discover a different side to this legedary city.

During the course of this LA food tour we’ll enjoy enough food for a whole meal, so please come with an appetite!

Dress standard: We cover about 1.5 miles in total during our walk so we would recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes. Sunscreen, sun hat, and sunglasses are also encouraged. A warm layer of clothing may be necessary as evenings can be cool October through June.


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