Transcend 8 GB microSDHC Flash Memory Card TS8GUSDHC6


● Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
● SDHC Class 6 compliant, Speed of 6MB/s is guaranteed
● Limited lifetime warranty, superior reliability that you can trust
● Only 10% the size of a standard SD card
● MicroSD adapter allows it to be used in standard SD Card slots, compatible with all SDHC-labeled host devices
● Easy to use, plug-and-play operation
● Fully compatible with SD 2.0 Standard


8 GB  |  Package Type:
Standard Packaging

Product Description

Transcend¿s high capacity, high performance microSDHC Class 6 memory cards are fully compatible with SD version 2.0 and comply to Class 6 speed standards, offering guaranteed write speeds of at least 6MB/s to ensure your device remains quick and responsive while saving, copying, recording or viewing files. Its extra-large storage capacity allows you to use your portable device more effectively, with the added convenience of being able to store hundreds more music files, video clips, pictures, games and personal information. Transcend¿s micro SDHC Class 6 memory cards are the perfect compliment to your cell phone, game console, GPS, or other portable device. MicroSDHC cards only work in SDHC compatible devices. Please make sure your device bears the SDHC logo on its packaging or in the user manual.

From the Manufacturer

Today’s advanced digital cameras, smart phones and tablets are fast and powerful, with memory-hungry apps and full-HD recording capabilities that perform best with high-speed, high-capacity storage media. Offering vast storage space and superior read speeds of up to 16MB/s and Class 6 write performance, Transcend’s “Premium” series Class 6 microSDHC cards are the perfect memory upgrade solution to keep pace with your mobile lifestyle.

Transcend Class 6 microSDHC Cards

Apps launch faster and run smoother with Transcend’s high-speed microSDHC Class 6 cards
Ultra small, fast and spacious

Measuring just 0.4 x 0.6 x 0.04 inches, Transcend’s Class 6 microSDHC memory cards are only one tenth the size of an SDHC card. Despite its tiny dimensions, the Class 6 microSDHC cards feature the top-of-the-line Class 6 speed rating, meaning a minimum read/write speed of 6MB/s is guaranteed. Whether expanding the storage capacity of a smart phone, tablet, eBook reader, or other portable device, Transcend’s “Premium” series Class 6 microSDHC cards offer ample capacity and quick data transfer speeds for capturing smooth video and high-quality photos for seamless playback later.

Transcend microSDHC card stores countless hours of music or thousands of photos

Despite its tiny size, the microSDHC card can store countless hours of music, or thousands of photos
Extensive microSDHC device compatibility

Featuring compact size, incredible transfer speeds and massive storage capacity of up to 16GB, Transcend’s microSDHC cards are tailored specifically for today`s high-end mobile devices, such as smart phones, digital cameras, eBook readers, portable games consoles, driving recorders, and the increasingly popular tablet PCs. When paired with our TS-RDP5 card reader, to take advantage of fast transfer speeds, uploading content to your other devices will be quick and seamless.

Transcend Maximize Mobile Potential

Excellent compatibility with DSLRs, tablet PCs, smart phones, eBook readers, and more
Fast data transfers between card and computer

For added convenience, Transcend offers a combo package that includes a microSDHC card together with a full-size SDHC adapter or USB card reader, making data transfer easier than ever. The microSDHC card adapter allows the usage of a wider range of SDHC capable devices, such as digital cameras that have an SDHC slot.

RecoveRx™ software

For an extra layer of security, Transcend microSDHC memory cards include our exclusive RecoveRx™ software – a user-friendly interface which allows you to search deep within a storage device for traces of erased files that can be rescued.

Choosing the right memory card for your device

microSDHC Class 10

microSDHC Class 6

microSDHC Class 4

For advanced users of high-end DSLRs, smart phones and tablets aiming to capture high-speed consecutive shots and seamless HD video For prosumers and enthusiasts equipped with entry-level DSLRs or more sophisticated point-and-shoot cameras, cell phones or eBook readers Astonishingly affordable – for most consumers’ shooting requirements, especially photographers using compact digital cameras

Up to 32GB

Up to 16GB

Up to 32GB

Storage Chart




File Type





1952 photos

1000 songs

105 minutes


3904 photos

2000 songs

3.5 hours


7808 photos

4000 songs

7 hours

1Based on file size 2MB. 2 Based on 4min per song, 128Kbps quality. 3 Based on 2.25GB per hour DVD quality.

Storage capacity approximations are for general reference only. Actual results will vary depending on resolution, compression quality, video frame rate/interlace settings, and content. 1GB = 1 billion bytes. A certain portion of the storage capacity may be reserved for firmware and maintenance use.

  • Note: speed may vary depending on the device and usage of hardware or software.
  • Available in Frustration-Free Packaging and/or regular retail package.
  • Please see Transcend website for additional warranty details and limitations.

Additional information

Package Type

Standard Packaging


8 GB


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