Toro Power Clear Single-Stage Petrol Snow Blower


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The Toro CCR 6053 Power Clear petrol snow thrower is a single stage snow clearer with a 53cm working width. The Toro Power Clear CCR 6053 is ideal for domestic users who don’t have a large area of snow to clear from paths, patios or driveways. Powered by the Toro 163cc 4 cycle OHV petrol engine The Toro Power Curve System has a curved rotor and inverted funnel housing which can move more snow in less time. Clogging is keep to a minimum. A quick shoot control allows you to change the chute direction without slowing the blower down. Squeeze the trigger and slide the handle mounted grip to direct the snow. A deflector enables you to throw the snow low, high or in-between for the best clearance. Throwing distance of up to 10.7 metres. The heavy duty rotor paddles on the Toro CCR 6053 blower connect with the clearing surface propelling the blower forward when the rotor is engaged. This means the machine has some self-propulsion but you must still guide the machine yourself.SpecificationsEngine : Toro 4-cycle OHVPower Output : 163ccFuel Capacity : 1 litreStarter : RecoilAuger System : Power Curve RotorClearing Width : 53cm (21")Capacity per Minute : up to 817kgThrow Distance : 10.7 metres (35 ft)

Warranty : 2 year domestic


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