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See & feel The Netherlands with this unique flight experience
Experience a spectacular perspective from the air with breathtaking movie images
Get new insights into how The Netherlands came into being
Feel you’re flying right past the must-sees of The Netherlands with surprising special effects while hanging in a huge spherical screen


Ticket includes:

Entry to This is Holland
Various exhibitions: 

The Netherlands in the Past: an inspiring movie about the Netherlands, the battle against the water, and how they use water
The Netherlands Today: experience The Netherlands as it is today. Be introduced to the unique places you will see during the Flight Experience.
The Flight Experience: hang inside a huge spherical screen with your hands and feet dangling free. Feel the wind, mist and scents, it seems as if you are truly flying through the air, crossing dikes and braving storms
Additional information about the sights after the experience
Dutch Heritage Sites: find out more about the Netherlands in terms of water management, civil society, and (land) design through ten Dutch World Heritage Sites

Ticket Excludes:

Food & Drinks
Please note: Persons shorter than 102 cm and pregnant women are not allowed into the Flight Experience.


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