The Master Blaster Water Pipe


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Two pipes entered, but only one pipe left to come out from the ruins and wreckage – this Master Blaster was the last one standing! Enjoy a smoking experience like no other when you enter the thunderdome with this water pipe by your side, giving you ample water filtration with every twist and turn from this beautifully crafted piece. Made of durable glass, youre sure to get your motor running when you take a sensationally smooth hit with this water pipe. Each perc is perfectly placed to make every hit with this piece just as satisfying as the last, so sit back and relax while you watch the bubbles of smoke from your favorite legal smoking herbs churn along the sides like hypnotic wheels on a car. You wont need any other piece with this breathtaking 19″ tall water pipe in your repertoire! This glass piece has a 14mm Female joint that will fit 14mm Male accessories and replacements.


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