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A bit more about The London Helicopter

The London Helicopter is the only helicopter tour company to fly over the capital from a central London location. We are also the UK’s first helicopter sightseeing service that gives people the freedom to book, pay and check-in online

London sightseeing flights have been available from the base at Redhill aerodrome near Gatwick airport since 2004. To meet growing demand for a more central departure location in the capital, we introduced flights in April 2013 from The London Heliport in Battersea

The London Helicopter is a privately owned and operated company

The very best helicopters and pilots

The London Helicopter flights are operated by British International Helicopters, who work under the strict regulations set out by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority. Our aircraft are state-of-the-art Airbus AS350 Single Squirrel helicopters. They undergo a strict regime of maintenance inspections, which includes daily pre-flight checks, maintenance after every 30 & 50 hours of flight time, and deeper inspections every two years

The pilots who man the flights have thousands of hours of flight experience and undergo a thorough regime of regular training and testing. In fact, many of the pilots are so well qualified that they often work as flight examiners testing trainee private pilots from their own and other flight schools


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