The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant – Luncheon


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Luncheon – 4 Course Meal

A famous fleet of historical trams that have become The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. These glossy, burgundy restaurants on wheels are the first travelling Tramcar Restaurants in the world and ensure a delightful, innovative approach to dining.

As they cruise the city streets of Melbourne, diners can enjoy our seasonal menu, quality Australian wines or make a selection from our fully stocked bar at an all inclusive price.

House Made Dips
Selection of crisp breads

In house duck terrine, chicken liver parfait, Serrano ham, cornichon, grilled sourdough

Smoked Atlantic Salmon
Grilled gem lettuce, avocado, heirloom tomato gazpacho, basil

Roasted Chicken Breast
Mushrooms, bok choy, soy dressing

Seared Beef Tenderloin
Potato rosti, seasonal greens, red wine jus, beurre maître d’hotel

Chef’s Selection of Local Cheese
Cherry jam, water crackers, spiced fruit loaf

* Menu is subject to change at the suppliers discretion. 

The cost is fully inclusive of all food and beverages from the fully stocked bar.

Why not combine your visit to The Colonial Tram with other famous attractions and activities in Melbourne such as The Melbourme Icebar or The Melbourne Star?


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