The Big Show + House of Illusion – Special Offer with Dinner


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THE BIG SHOW HAS ARRIVED!  Wednesday and Saturday night shows at House of Illusion’s fantastic sea front premises

Treat yourself to a fantastic night out in Salou where you and your family can you sit back and enjoy the show and all inclusive drinks too.

The show is set into two halves starting with the bright lights of London’s West End and it explores the best musicals of all time.

Experience the Lion King, sing along to the Dream Girls and be bewildered by Les Miserables, to name but a few.

Then, for those of you who enjoyed Decades in the past, you will remember the fun you had there and you can revel in Disco Time!

Our Live on­stage DJ will be pumping out some classic tunes whilst our cast of singers and dancers put on a show like you have never seen before.

Get out of your seats, have a dance and have the best night of your life!! There are 3 new packages to choose from, all offering exceptional value. VIP, Gold or Silver.


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