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Mystery surrounds this 5,000 year old World Heritage Site. Visit this pre-historic South West monument and decide for yourself whether Stonehenge was designed as a place of sun worship, or as part of a huge astronomical calendar, or something different altogether! An awe-inspiring family visit, Stonehenge is a powerful reminder of the once-great Stone and Bronze Ages. Each phase of Stonehenge was a circular structure, aligned with the rising sun at the solstice. Erected between 3,000 BC and 1,600 BC, the stones were carried hundreds of miles over land and sea, while antlers and bones were used to dig the pits that hold the stones. Modern techniques in archaeology, and the series of recent digs, have helped to shape new theories about the stones, but their ultimate purpose remains a fascinating and enduring mystery.

Arriving at Stonehenge (important Information for Groups)

Stonehenge now ask that coach drivers and tour leaders/guides have their correct booking reference number(s) ready on arrival at Stonehenge. This will help Site Staff ensure we keep queues to a minimum.

During busy periods they will unfortunately be restricted in their flexibility for providing entry to groups turning up outside of their time slot. However, they understand that delays happen so we will of course try to accommodate your groups as best we can.

Please be advised that under no circumstances must groups disembark except at the designated drop-off bay and only once your coach is fully parked. If your coach has the passenger door located on the right-hand side, please proceed directly to a coach parking bay before disembarkation.

Note for Seniors and Students:
The Staff at Stonehenge ask that any persons carrying vouchers for Student and/or Senior concessions please also carry valid identification. This is to avoid any unecessary embarrasment or misunderstanding if you are asked for proof on arrival.


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