Sony 16GB Memory Stick PRO-HG DUO – 50MB/s


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Sony’s Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo media has shorter data transmission times
and faster recording times between hardware with an 8-bit parallel
interface and the flash memory device.

With the addition of four connector pins to the Memory Stick’s
traditional 4-bit parallel interface, the resulting 8-bit parallel
interface provides write speeds of up to 30MB/smegabytes per second

The Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo media can also be used with conventional
4-bit parallel interface hardware

Key Features
– High capacity, ideal for high-resolution still and movie images
– Ideal for burst shooting with DSLR
– Offering up to 30MB/s, it allows large amount of data to be quickly
– Greater durability and reliability: working perfectly in temperatures
from -25°C to 85°C
– Compatible with copyright protection technology (“MagicGate”)

Recording Capacity (GB): 16
Memory: Flash Memory
Serial interface: YES
Parallel interface (4 pins): YES
Parallel interface (8 pins): YES
Operating Voltage (V): 2,7-3,6
Operational current with parallel transfer (mA): Up to 100
Read/Write Speed (8bit-parallel transfer – MB/s): Up to 50
Minimum Write Speed (8bit-parallel transfer – MB/s): 15
Environmental temperature (degrees °C): -25~+85
Width (mm): 31
Height (mm): 20
Depth (mm): 1.6
Weight (g): 2


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