Smithwick’s Experience


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The tour is fully interactive and suitable for beer lovers and history lovers alike.

The tour begins in 1231, long before John Smithwick ever set foot in the city. Walk the echoing halls in the Abbey of St. Francis, where clever monks found a way of purifying the deadly water that coursed through their land. Using the natural ingredients which grow in abundance near the abbey, they purified water from the local well by crafting it into ale.

From the moment you step into the Cole House, five generations of Smithwicks illuminate their story of unwavering endurance and unbeatable ingenuity through photos, portraits, letters and lively conversation. Cosy up by the fireplace and learn how one family turned a humble Kilkenny ale into a brew famous the world over!

In the Brewhouse you will learn about perfecting the art of mixing four simple ingredients to produce a ruby red ale enjoyed all over the world. But that doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels. We are constantly innovating, and in the Brewhouse you’ll discover just what gives our ruby ale its unique character and flavour.

After an exciting trip back in time it is time for a rest pint! The perfect place to judge a pint of Smithwick’s? A tasting room, of course. The distinctive taste of our ale, characterised by its fruity aroma and delicate notes, has been winning us awards since 1892. Each glass of our ale contains generations of tradition, experience and uncompromised quality. When you decide your pint has just the right appearance, aroma, taste and mouthfeel, sit back and enjoy the flavour that has made Smithwick’s Ireland’s favourite ale!




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