SCH Power Sprayer PSP (towed or hand-propelled)


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This SCH PSP 30 litre Power Sprayer can be towed by a garden tractor or pushed by hand. In either mode the sprayer can be used in different formats:-a) with the hand held brass trigger lance – for spraying plants, trees, shrubs and spot spraying docks, nettles, etc.b) a four nozzle spray boom is fitted as standard for spraying large areas.Specifications:
Easy fill 30 litre tank
Powerful diaphragm pump
Adjustable handle for operation comfort
Sample on/off control
Pressure gauge
Pressure adjuster
Dry battery 12 v.
Battery charger
4 nozzle spray boom 6 above the ground
Interchangeable hand held trigger lance
Tow bar
Three wheel trolley mountedManufacturer’s 1 year warranty


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