Roor Gridded Diffused Low-Profile Downstem Beaker


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Roor products have been manufactured in Germany for over 20 years, and have made a name for themselves in high end, high quality glass. These diffusor downstems are no different and are made of lab-created borosilicate glass that is extremely heat and scratch resistant. The Gridded Downstem gets its name from the criss cross grid on the bottom of the stem. This forces all the smoke and water to filter throught the tiny slits providing maximum filtration and cooling every time.  Each Roor Gridded Diffused Low-Profile Downstem comes in your choice of sizes for Straight necks (5.5″ long) or Beakers (7″ long) and fits 14mm bowls. These glass pieces are handmade to order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Check out the 18mm Gridded Downstem by Roor if youre looking for something larger.


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