RAW King Size Traveler Bundle White Case


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Wouldnt it be nice to be able to take your whole rolling set up with you?  Well, we built this kit with you in mind!  First, we started with three different king size RAW papers and a roller because wouldnt you?  Of course, a true connoisseur would insist on a RAW brand wick and prerolled tips but we didnt stop there and also included three pop top containers for storage and a mag card to make life a little easier.  Add an iconic Hippie Butler 40mm grinder and put it all in an airtight container and youre ready to hit the road rolling! Colors may vary. Items included in this bundle: RAW 110mm Rolling Machine Hippie Butler 40mm Grinder RAW Magnifier Card RAW Pre Rolled Tips RAW 10ft Hemp Wick RAW King Size Slim Papers RAW Black King Size Slim Papers RAW Organic King Size Hemp Papers Three Small Storage Containers Large Air Tight Leaf Lock Container


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