Queenstown Combos – Canyon Swing + Kawarau Rafting


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Two ways to see the Shotover River Canyons combined in one great day out! Imagine being suspended upside down staring directly at the canyon floor waiting to fall from a cliff edge 109m above. At a scare rating of 5 underpants the ‘Gimp Boy Goes to Hollywood’ jump style is one of the Shotover Canyon Swings dare devil jumps. With over 70 jump styles available you can choose your style and your underpants rating (from 1 to 5) and get that pulse racing!

Take to the water with a rafting trip down the Shotover River which passes underneath the Shotover Canyon Swing before finishing by rafting through the 170m long Oxenbridge Tunnel and splashing out the end with Cascade rapid.


Swim wear
Closed and secure shoes for the swing
Warm clothes during winter periods


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