Phone Camera Lens, AiKEGlobal 2 in 1 Macro Lens,Wide Angle Lens, Universal Cell Phone Lens Kit Great Compatible iPhone, Android, iPad and Tablets


● ✔️ Wide Angle Lens :Shoot stunning photos of people, pets, travel scenery, landscapes, architecture, selfies and more. NO DARK CORNERS (vignetting) like cheaper lenses. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and premium optical glass for durability and clarity. Multi-element, coated glass lenses minimize ghosting, reflections, lens flare, and other artifacts. Mirrorless camera lenses ideal for hobbyists and photography pros alike.
● ✔️ Macro Lens:No more worrying about not getting close enough to something small for a good picture. Get those high quality, breathtaking close-ups with this fantastic lens. You’ll be amazed at how much detail you can see by using the Macro Lens, making your close-up images crisp and clear.
● ✔️ Low Distortion : With this wide angle, low distortion lens, your pictures will come out brilliantly crisp. Photos with your friends appear crystal clear without the fisheye distortion. Amaze your family with professional quality photos that you are taking on your phone.
● ✔️ Powerful compatibility : This lens works for more than just your smartphone. Attach it with ease to your laptop webcam for amazing pictures and video. You can also securely place it on both the front (selfie) and back (main) cameras on your phone and even your tablet. No need for cords or specialty tools with this easy clip on lens.
● ✔️ Easy to Carry: Stop lugging around those bulky smartphone and laptop camera accessories. This compact designed Phone Camera Lens can just slip into your pocket, making it super easy to carry around and convenient to use with any of your compatible devices. At just 4 ounces, you won’t even feel the extra weight.


Product Description

AiKEGlobal 2 in 1 HD smart phone camera lens kit, which can be used with a wide range of cell phones and mobile devices including iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6/6s/6s plus, 5/5C/5S/SE, 4/4s; Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 plus, S7/S7 edge, S6/S6 edge, S5, Note4, iPad Air and most android phones and tablets. Your best choice as a primary iPhone & Samsung camera lens kit for spur-of-the-moment pics.

Easy to use: just clip it on the front or back camera of your phone, you will be amazed by the perfect selfie effect or the details it grasp from this wonderful world.

The BEST Lens for iPhone and Android Facebook Live Videos!
Equipping a simple external lens to the front-facing camera of your iPhone or Android smartphone can add a whole new dimension to any Facebook Live videos, significantly widening the shot and giving you a ton more flexibility to present.

1. Wide Angle Lens:
   ● Angle: 120°
   ● Ultra Low Distortion: < 4.2%
2. Macro lens:
   ● Magnification: 15X
   ● Shooting distance: 1.18” to 1.57”

▲ Wide angle lens kit and the macro Lens kit are attached together when you open the package. When use macro lens, please unscrew the wide view lens first. If you’d like to use the wide angle lens, please attach the macro lens together to get funny pictures.

▲ It’s better to take off your phone case for taking better photos, except for iPhone 7 plus. When mounting the external cell phone camera lens to iPhone 7 plus, the clip can only be attachable when the phone case is on, as the protruding dual lenses are higher than the body. Pls center the lens to the left camera of your iphone 7+ to get the wide angle & macro effect. It is a very nice iPhone lens/ Android camera lens kit.

▲ Make sure that the mobile lens is well CENTERED over the phone camera which you will find easy if you look into the wide angle lens as you mount it.

▲ The macro lens doesn’t zoom on far away object. It’s like an up close lens. Get really close to something and it will clear up. It’s like a magnifine glass! The effective focal length is 1.1” ~ 1.5”. If you’re using the macro lens on its own and trying to snap photos of distant objects, the photos will come out blurry because the macro lens is designed for taking photos up close.  In this case, you should search for a telephoto lens or telescope lens.

How to correctly separate the wide angle and the macro lens?
1.  The screw connected with clip is clockwise, please hold the clip first, and unscrew the whole lens at anti-clockwise direction to separate the whole lens body.
2.  The screw of the wide angle and the macro lens are anti-clockwise, please hold the macro lens first, and unscrew the upper wide angle lens at clockwise direction to detach the wide angle lens.
3.  Kind reminder: The direction of 2 screws are opposite and prevent 2 parts of lens lock together.

Package Include:
1 X 2 in 1 HD cell phone camera lens kit (wide angle lens + macro lens attached together)
1 X Universal thread lens clip
1 X Lens cap
1 X Microfiber lens cleaning cloth bag
1 X user’s guide card

Additional information


2 in 1 Black, Aspherical Black


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