OCTO Achilles Vaporizer Silver


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Octo Achilles is a powerful handheld concentrate vaporizer. Octo Achilles vape gets its name from the octagon shape of its full metal body. The flat sides keep your vape from rolling when set down, and gives it a premium and modern feel in your hands. This concentrate vape also has four quartz coils so your oil melts nicely and your draws will always be powerful. The metal mouthpiece and all metal pieces are magnetic so you dont have any threads to gunk up with residue. This powerful battery also has three temperature settings and a pre-warm feature for the most convenient smoking experience available. Included in the Box: OCTO Achilles Vape Extra Atomizer USB Charging Cable Glow in the Dark Silicone Container Metal Tool Dont need something this big? Try the OCTO Athena Vaporizer for a more portable vaporizing option.


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