Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser


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Delve into the delicious world of herbal infused treats with this simple but speedy Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser! Create your own infused butter or oil to cook with and enjoy without the tedious guessing work and get 2-5 cups from this device. High and Mighty Enterprises has done their research so you dont need to so that you can get a richly infused edible with exact times and temperatures to yield the best results possible. With multiple settings available to give you a deeper infusion, this herbal infuser is a sleek piece of technology that is easy to enjoy! Featuring a double-walled stainless steel cooking barrel to make the process as effortless as possible, this machine is as powerful as it is elegant. Each infuser includes a handbook on how to properly use it, as well as the infuser itself and handy tools such as a strainer, measuring cup, and organic hemp filter. With different infusion settings to pick and choose from, you can sit back and relax knowing you are going to get a high-quality infusion every time you use this masterfully crafted Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser! Check out our recipe page , for great ideas and recipes to try out with your new infuser!


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