Liberon Wax Filler Stick 50g Asstd x 16


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The Liberon Wax Filler Sticks repair cracks, splits and small to medium sized holes without sanding or having to strip the finish. You can apply without a heat source and no shrinkage make them ideal for use on finished furniture and other articles. Wide range of colours available, all of which are intermixable. For interior use only. Available in singles or boxes of 16. Liberon Wax Filler Stick 50g 16 Assorted Colours. Supplied with one of each colour: 00 White, 01 Ivory, 02 Light Oak, 03 Medium Walnut, 06 Teak, 05 Mahogany, 07 Dark Mahogany, 08 Medium Oak, 09 Dark Walnut, 10 Dark Oak, 12 Ebony, 15 Light Pine, 16 Pine, 19 Dark Yew, 21 Light Walnut, 23 Rosewood.


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