Liberon Lubo Lubricating Wax 500ml


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Liberon Lubricating Wax is specially formulated to lubricate and clean saw blades, cutter blades, machine tables, lathes, planers, veneer presses and G-clamps to increase efficiency and longevity. Its special properties will inhibit the formation of rust and assist in the quick cleaning and easy removal of glue from veneer presses and G-clamps. Performance:- Keeps working parts moving freely.- Helps reduce resin build-up from softwood.- Reduces corrosion on all bare metal surfaces.- Silicone free.- Usage: interior. Drying time: Minimum 10 minutesCoverage: 10-12m² per litre Liberon LIBLUBW500 Lubricating Wax has a pack size of 500ml.


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