Liberon Laminate Floor Cleaner 1 Litre (clean&seal)


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Liberon Laminate Clean and Seal is a high quality, non-aggressive cleaner for the regular maintenance of laminate flooring. It will remove general dirt and stubborn marks left by grease, shoes and mud without damaging the surface. Suitable for most laminate, vinyl and lino flooring Laminate Floor Clean and Seal restores lustre to the laminate surface and leaves a non-slip finish. Formulated with anti-static agents it also slows down the deposition of dust. It can be used neat to remove stubborn marks and stains. Water based. Concentrated formula – 1 litre makes 25 litres of cleaning fluid.Drying time: Minimum 30 minutesApplication: Cloth or mopUsage: Interior. The LIBLFC1L Laminate Floor Cleaner has a pack size of 1 litre.


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