La Pedrera – Night Ticket: The Origins


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Barcelona is a city that is transformed when the sun sets and it is enshrouded in a certain magic and mystery. It is then that its buildings reveal other attractions… and perhaps the most charming is a masterpiece by Antoni Gaudí. We invite you to discover the Casa Milà at night!

This intimate and exclusive visit will reveal the secrets the building hides when night falls.You’ll be a privileged eyewitness to lives, customs and anecdotes about the people who lived in this unique building 100 years ago. You’ll see that every corner is proof of Gaudí’s imagination and genius, although he never relinquished the functionality of each space and element.

Twisting corridors that will transport you inside a cave; the sea’s waves that conceal peaceful marine life; wrought-iron cobwebs; chimneys resembling giant warriors; and a plethora of forms waiting to be discovered where stone and materials come to life in a magnificent dance of details. An unforgettable journey to the origin of life and the essence of Gaudí’s architecture.


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