L202 LED Universal One-Way Smart Anti-Theft Remote Control Car Alarm System


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eature: 1. Suitable for all kinds of cars 2. Double remote controls, in case of losing or breaking 3. Remote car finding, LED indicator 4. Warning of abnormal situation 5. Trunk release function, easy to open your trunk 6. Detailed operation manual, easy to install and use 7. 4 buttons on the remote control, lock, unlock, programmable button, open car boot 8. Sign horn: DC 12V, 15W, single-tone 9. Two stages siren verification 10. Electronics and Penumatic door lock Specification: 1. Model: L202 2. Main Unit Size: about 6 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm 3. Remote Controlled: Yes 4. Type: Anti-Theft Device One-Way,Portable 5. Alarming range: 100m 6. Metal holder, can be mounted tightly 7. Frequency range: 433.92MHz 8. Power voltage: 15V 9. Alarming response time: 0.01s 10. Alarm triggered: Shake 11. Vibrator: Built-in Package Included: 1 X L202 Car Alarm System  1 X Siren Horn 1 X Vibrator 2 X Remote Control 1 X LED Connection Wire  1 X Emergency Switch 1 X Relay 1 X 3P Cable 1 X Compressing Switch 1 X English User Manual    


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