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Soar in the heart of the Miami Skyline
Choose from 3 different length flights
No previous experience needed

Ticket Includes

Flying suit, helmet, goggles and ear plugs.
Warm-up and stretches pre-flight
Flight stunts by the instructor

Ticket Excludes

Food & Beverages

SuperFlight is an outdoor vertical wind tunnel that simulates skydiving to create a unique experience in a safe environment, without having to jump out of an airplane. This is a safe way to fulfill humanity’s oldest dream – to fly! SuperFlight’s vertical wind tunnel generates winds over 120 miles per hour so you can float and fly like a bird up to 10 feet high, with the guidance of an instructor. This is bucket list free-flight experience that sends you soaring at the heart of the Miami skyline. Anyone can fly! No previous experience needed, and you can start as young as 3 years old.

What to Expect:

Check-in: You will be greeted by our friendly staff who will help you to book flights and answer any questions. You will then be asked to fill out a waiver and will be introduced to your flight instructor. Briefing/Training: The flight instructor will instruct you about the process of the flight, as well as the rules and safety standards. You will be shown flying postures to acquire during the flight. A quick video will be played to first time flyers in addition to the training from the instructor. Gear Up: The flight instructor will give the you all the flying gear necessary and show you how to properly use it. Flight: At the beginning, the flight instructor will help you to get adjusted to the wind flow. When you are accustomed to it, the instructor will help you safely fly in the wind stream. If you can fly well, the instructor will rise with you in the air up to 10 feet in height.

Flight Options

• Taste of Flight: 1 flight – Equivalent to 3-12,000 skydives
• Jungle Adventure: 2 flights – Equivalent to 6-12,000 skydives
• Great Jungle Adventure: 3 flights – Equivalent to 9-12,000 skydives

You can fly if you are at least 3 years old, max. weight 285 lbs., shorter than 6’8”. Previous preparation and experience are not required. All flight equipment will be provided. Customer must follow instructor’s rules and guidance. Both the wind tunnel security features and the flight instructor will keep you safe. You cannot fly if you have severe joint injuries or fractures, have injuries restricting the movement of your back or other places, are pregnant, have epilepsy, are under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. Rain, snow, or wind will not interfere with the flights. Flights will only be cancelled during a thunderstorm


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