JAYS a-JAYS One+ In-Line Control Earphones – Black


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a-JAYS One+ comes loaded with a 8.6mm dynamic speaker engineered by JAYS.
It is the perfect partner for on-the-go music enjoyment as it efficiently
blocks out ambient noise. a-JAYS One+ is perfect for use when out and
about with your MP3 player or phone. The remote and microphone keep you
available and in constant control with only a few finger clicks.

A tangle-Free, flat cable
Take charge of your earphones! Stop worrying about tangled cables and
ill-fitting ear pieces. The a-JAYS Series is bursting with product
innovations such as the newly-developed, tangle-resistant, flat cable. It
is supplied with up to five pairs of silicone sleeves designed to give you
the best possible earphone fit meaning that you can take superior sound
and design quality with you wherever you go. No more annoyingly tangled
cables. JAYS newly-developed flat cable technology delivers precise,
full-bodied sound with minimum tangle. As well as being extremely
practical and flexible, this 5mm wide cable is a design classic and will
make you stand out from the crowd.

In-Line Remote with Mic
The remote with built in microphone enables you to pick up calls / hang
up calls and play / pause your music. The remote works with your local
music library as well as with streamed music / video content via your
smartphone applications such as Spotify and YouTube. You can also control
your calls when using applications such as Skype and iChat.

JAYS Headset Control Android App – design your own controls
If you are using an Android smartphone you are now also able to add even
more features to your a-JAYS One+ headset by downloading our android
application JAYS Headset Control. You can design your own headset control
– your own bespoke set up. Discover even more features with JAYS Headset
Control app for Android. With this app you can now turn your a-JAYS One+
into a fully customized multi feature control. Change volume, skip songs,
voice control and much more. And of course it’s free and can be downloaded
from Google Play. Just make a search in your Android phone for JAYS and
install and you’re ready to go.

The a-JAYS One+ uses soft silicone sleeves which envelop the earpiece
and reduce surrounding sound by up to 40dB. This offers a far superior
listening experience in ambient environments.

It’s all about the rhythm
The a-JAYS Series gives up a rich, deep bass response and will help you
to discover your music all over again. The rhythm sections in your
favourite tunes will be uplifted and reinvigorated; music has never been
so much fun.

Key Features
– Rich, deep bass response that will help you to discover your music all
over again
– Works with most HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, LG, Motorola and Apple
– Features a tangle-resistant, flat cable
– Remote features a built in microphone
– Efficiently blocks out ambient noise

– Type: 8.6 mm Dynamic Speaker
– Sensitivity: 95dB @ 1kHz
– Impedance: 16 Ohm @ 1kHz
– Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 18 000 Hz
– Finish: Matte
– Isolation: -40 [email protected] 2kHz
– Size: (L) 18.3 x (W) 11.8 x (H) 13.8 mm
– Weight: 14 grams (0.49 oz)
– Type: TPE coated flat tangle free cable
– Size: Width 5mm / Thickness 1.2mm
– Length: 115 cm (45 in)
– Plug: L-shaped, Silver-Plated Stereo Plug 3.5mm (1/8 in)v
– Controls: 1 button remote
– Mic: Yes

Box Contents
1 x Jays a-Jays T00085 One Plus – Black
Pack of Silicone sleeves


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