IQ Shield LiquidSkin Case Friendly Screen Protector for Galaxy S9 Plus HD Clear Film [2-Pack]


● The IQ Shield Galaxy S9 Plus Screen Protector includes our proprietary screen protector, installation tray or spray solution, squeegee, lint-free cloth, and intuitive installation instructions
● Innovative LIQuidSkin adhesive coupled with our unique IQ Shield wet-install method ensures easy, bubble-free and frustration free installation that will leave the film perfectly contoured to any device
● Unlike other common screen protectors, IQ Shield LIQuidSkin protectors are crafted using a revolutionary process that melds high response sensitivity, self healing durability, and non-yellowing, optical transparency into a single layer of flexible yet tough film
● Classified as a “smart film” and optically transparent once applied, the LIQuidSkin line seamlessly merges mobile protection and user interactivity into a single enjoyable experience
● Every Screen Protector for Galaxy S9 Plus is backed by our Lifetime Replacement Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Product Description

IQ Shield:
IQ Shield is a leading manufacturer of protective film for the latest mobile and electronic gadgets including cell phones, GPS navigation devices, notebook computers, tablets, mp3 players and gaming systems.

Case-Friendly Design:
This item is designed to be compatible with most cases. Extra space is left around the borders for your case to wrap around the edges of your mobile without interfering with the film.

2-Pack Item:
This item comes with 2 screen protectors. Give the extra one to your friends and family so they can enjoy the benefits of IQ Shield, or keep them for emergency replacements!

Precise Cuts:
IQ Shield cutouts for components such as speakers, cameras and sensors are precisely designed to offer the maximum amount of coverage while maintaining the product’s strength and integrity.

Sleek Surface:
IQ shield is engineered to allow your fingertips to glide effortlessly when using your phone or tablet.  Our materials are designed to minimize friction and drag while remaining virtually invisible.  Don’t settle for less when it comes to keeping your mobile electronics secure!

Smart Film Tech:
Smart Film technology keeps IQ shield working for you even when it’s not on duty.  Self-healing properties enable the film to recover from minor scratches over time to keep your gadgets looking great.

No bubbles, No troubles:
No one likes to struggle with installation only to have it come out looking like a bubbled-up wrinkly mess.  IQ shield features a wet-install application for easy adjustments and alignment while bonding securely during the curing period.  During application, simply squeegee thoroughly once aligned for bubble-free application.

Form Fitting:
Our products are not only built to protect – they have the ability to conform to curves where other hard plastic versions cannot.  This means that the maximum possible area is covered by one of the industry’s best!


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