Historial Jeanne d’Arc


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Discover a new type of visit!

Through a spectacular and innovative display, take part in a real judicial investigation to discover the destiny of Joan of Arc.

At the Joan of Arc Historial, a trial takes place for Joan of Arc to prove her innocence – be both actor and judge in the most famous judicial investigation in Rouen’s history.

Witnesses, reconstructions and audiovisual effects will take you on an unprecedented experience which dives into the heart of the 15th century! From her military actions to retake the French throne to her ordeal at the stake, experience an epic and captivating story through the medieval rooms of a monument previously closed to the public. Then go and meet those who created her story and question them in a virtual conversation to discover the thousand faces of our heroine.

The myths and legends will no longer be a mystery after your visit. Let’s meet in 1456!

Please note the reduced rate applies to :

Children and youths between 6 and 18 years old
Students without age limit, with supporting documents
Teachers with a valid education pass
Large families with supporting documents
Disability card holders, disabled from war, disabled veterans, with supporting documents
Jobseekers, with proof of less than 6 months
Persons benefiting from benefits / minimum social / minimum old age, with supporting documents


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