Hermitage of Montroig + Lunch Trip from Salou


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On this tour from Salou you can enjoy a trip to Montroig wher you can visit some notable buildings including the beautiful church of Sant Miguel de Montroig built in Gothic and Renaissance style between 1574 and 1610 and the famous ‘ Our Lady of the Rock’

High above the town on a very eroded outcrop of rock stands the sanctuary of ‘ Our lady of the Rock’ with the Sant Ramon Chapel. The sanctuary is perched on a spectacular cliff, formed by red rock and founded in 1299 to house a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary that was venerated there. You can see the ruins of the castle and the dates of 1655 and 1785 are inscribed on the entrance gate, showing that the site was made bigger as it became more popular as a pilgrimage site. It was destroyed in 1811 by Napoleons troops and rebuilt only to be destroyed again in the Spanish Civil War. It was rebuilt again by the people of Montroig and the reproduced the ancient statue of the Virgin Mary but, misfortune struck again and the statue was stolen in 1979. Made again in 1980, it is still worshipped in the church today.

So much history in an ancient village for you to visit and enjoy on this 3 hour excursion and on your return to your hotel you will receive a bottle of wine too.


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