Hemp Rollers Go Anywhere Bundle RAW Tray


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Start yourself off right with this Hemp Rollers Go Anywhere Bundle! Everything included in this bundle is enough (and then some) to begin or add to your accessories/collection. The items chosen by Your Butler to complete this bundle were carefully hand-selected and ensure top quality products while all conveniently fitting into the included Quik Wikk carry case! The case itself keeps all of your smoking needs safely and conveniently stored so you can smoke on the go! Included in this Bundle: Quik Wikk Hard Case Quik Wikk Hemp Wick Hippie Butler 40mm Grinder RAW Roll-Up Tips RAW Clipper Lighter RAW 79mm Roller RAW 1 1/4 Papers Skunk 1 1/4 Papers Elements Red 1 1/4 and your choice of RAW Mini Rolling Tray!


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