Heads Up Display HUD Mobile Navigation Support Cell Phone GPS Car Holder Stand


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Feature: HUD mobile navigation bracket exploits the hardened organic glass to prevent scratch and project navigation information onto the panel based on optical reflection theorem. When placed on the center console, drivers need not bow to see because it will not block sight. Thus drivers could pay more attention the road conditions nearby. In the meanwhile, the design avoids the drivers observing the distant road conditions, which makes the navigation information more visualized and thereby improves the driving safety. Specification: Body material ABS High temperature/ PMM vacuum coating Compatibility Support 6.5 inch screen mobile digital products            HUD angle About 198 degree can be adjusted Fixed mode Anti slip mat/ 3M plastic optional Support model                  Adapt to a variety of models Method of installation: 1. The above parts should be installed to the main body by pressing as shown below 2. Cleaning the surface on which is to be placed. It is generally recommend to clean the surface with dipped cloth. Then waiting for surface dry. 3. Jointing the base into the adhesive surface and exerting proper pressure to make the bonding effective after drying. 4. Putting the phone on the stents antiskid mat and adjusting the organic glass board to appropriate angle according to individual visual angle. HUD Mobile Navigation Bracket can be placed on the center console and the best visual angle is 45. Also can be adjusted according to individual prefe


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