Hayter Fuel Stabiliser Premium Treatment 355ml 111-9366


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Hayter Fuel Stabiliser Premium Treatment 355ml 111-9366Helps ensure clean, reliable engine performance and protection against ethanol’s harmful effects.Snap on measuring cup with easy clean lid – makes dosing & pouring easy.Graduated bottle for easy measuring.Using Hayter Premium Fuel Treatment with every fuel fill provides protection for two & four stroke small engines.Keeps fuel fresh for 12+ months at 20ml per 5 litres of fuelProtects fuel against water that ethanol attractsEnsures easy starting – even after seasonal storageCorrosion prevention – coats & protects your carburettorMetal deactivator guards fuel system parts against rust, oxidation and other corrosion that ethanol can accelerate.Keep fuel systems clean – detergents dissolve fuel system depositsCleans intake valvesCleans carburettor varnishTreat Rate20ml per 5 litres of petrol for stabilisation40ml per 5 litres of petrol for maximum fuel system clean-up


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