Hayter Four Stroke Premium Engine Oil 532ml 111-9367


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Genuine Hayter SAE30 Four Stroke Premium Engine Oil 532ml 111-9367Engineered, tested & approved by HayterOil meets or exceeds performance requirements for all OEM products (Hayter, Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki & Kohler)Hayter SAE30 oil is strategically formulated with an innovative additive package that yields fewer engine deposits over timeUse of Hayter SAE30 lawn mower oil minimises molecular shearing for extended life in hot air-cooled applications versus multi-grade oils (ie. 10W30)Produced with only premium base stocks and additives532ml fill is ideal for walk behind lawnmowersHayter SAE30 4 Stroke engine oil has passed the strictest requirements in 1000’s of hours of testing in 100’s of engines before you fill your lawnmower with it.


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