Handy Saw Horse with Chainsaw Support


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This safety log sawhorse is one of the safest on the market to use. This is because the chainsaw is clamped to the sawhorse, which means that the weight of the chainsaw is carried by the frame – thus leaving the operator to hold the log in position with one hand and swing the chainsaw with the other hand to cut the log. Comes complete with safety mounting bracket for the chainsaw, and the bracket can be mounted (via a simple clamping mechanism) on either side of the frame. It has a fully guarded chain bar and fits chainsaws with a minimum bar length of 14 inches (35cm). The mount means accurate and straight cutting every time. When not in use, the sawhorse folds for convenient storage.The whole sawhorse is of sturdy steel construction. Weight is 7kgShown with Chainsaw (not included)Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty


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