Guitarra y Flamenco at Teatre Poliorama


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Poliorama Theatre

The Teatre Poliorama was inaugurated in 1906, it was built inside the building of “Real Academia de Ciencias y Artes” of Barcelona. Located in the heart of the Ramblas of Barcelona, one of the most famous and visited streets in the world, the Teatre Poliorama has always played a prominent role in the catalan cultural life.

During the Spanish Civil War, seized by the CNT-FAI, was the scene of shootings carried out by members of the POUM and CNT that George Orwell described in his work “Homage to Catalonia”. A personal story of the writer about his participation in the conflict between the years of 1937 and 1938.

The Teatre Poliorama is considered a classic of Las Ramblas and one of the main points of diffusion of culture in Barcelona.

Córdoba (Isaac Albéniz)
La vida breve (Manuel de Falla)
Zyriab (Paco de Lucía)
Recuerdo de Alhambra (Narciso Yepes)
Asturias (Isaac Albéniz)
Entre dos aguas (Paco de Lucía)
Ojos verdes (Rafael de León)
Penita Pena (Rafael de León)
La Danza del Fuego Fatuo (Manuel de Falla)
La bien paga (Juan Mostazo, Ramón Perelló)


Percusión: Jacobo Sánchez
Guitarra: Luis Miguel Gómez
Guitarra: Juan Carlos Gómez
Bailaora: Vanesa Gálvez “La Lírio”
Cantaora: Mónica “La Chicuela”


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