Fotga 46mm Slim Fader Variable ND Filter Adjustable Neutral Density ND2 to ND400


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Features:This Fotga ND filter is much thinner than that of other brands, two filters fits each other better.It is adjustable from ND2, ND4, ND8 to ND400 infinitely, satisfied different shooting conditions.Neutral Density (ND) filters can reduce the intensity of light equally without appreciably changing its color.Neutral density filters are often used to achieve motion blur effects with slowing shutter speeds.Mark scale and Min(the lightest), Max (darkest) tags on the outer ring to help users accurately resets to a certain density.In a strong light environment, to shoot the scene of small depth of field (blur the background, thus showing the main body).In a bright environment, using high-density photography to shoot the scene of dynamic objects.In a bright environment, to shoot strong dynamic screen (such as streams, waves, athletes, wind and vegetation, etc), we often use a longer shutter time, to blur the whole movement or a part.Modulate to the appropriate density for flash photography at close distance.Used in variety of the scenes which need a wide range of adjusting the amount of light.With 46mm male thread/ 49mm female thread, can be mounted to 46mm lens or attached to 49mm additional filter.Fits SLR camera/ digital camera/ camcorder DV.


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