ERGO 4 Piece 56mm Grinder with Removable Screen Black


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ERGO brings you high-quality precision herb grinders that make it easier to roll and enjoy your favorite legal smoking herbs! With an ergonomic design to the lid, you can easily shred and enjoy your herbs as they are cut by the sharp diamond-shaped teeth in this grinder. The lid is secured with a strong magnet to hold it in place, making for less spillage so you can rest easy. Made of durable aircraft grade aluminum, these grinders are top of the line to become your new favorite smoking accessory to give you the perfect consistency every time! These ERGo grinders feature a removable screen so that you can easily clean and replace it as you need, making it easy to keep this grinder in pristine condition to continue enjoying. Even better, these grinders come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty so that you can enjoy its quality for as long as you have it!


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