Duracell Activair Size 675 (Blue tab) Hearing Aid Battery – Extra Value Pack of 60 Cells


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Duracell Activair hearing aid batteries work with environmentally-friendly, mercury-free Zinc-Air Technology. They are suitable for all hearing aid types and power classes – high and low power as well as for digital and analogue models.These batteries provide a high and stable voltage level for a long running time. They also offer exceptional reliability and superior performance thanks to comprehensive product testing, triple sealing and durable PTFE film.The user-friendly packaging provides optimum protection and makes storage easy, with the extra long colour-code, according to size, Easy tab making for easier battery changes.Specifications Size: 675 (blue tab)  also known as 675A, A675, 675AE, 675, DA675, 675HPX, AC675, P675, PR675H, ZA675, PR44, B6754, B900PA, DA675H, DA675N, 675HP, AC675E, AC675EZ, ME9Z, L975ZA, W675ZA, S675A, 675SA, 675ZA, CP44, PR675, 675P, DA675N6, SP675, V675, V675A, DA675X, AC675E Mercury free: Yes Zinc air technology: yes, 1.45 V Suitable for: All hearing aid types and power classesWhat’s included 60 x Duracell Activair size 675 (blue tab) hearing aid batteries (10 packs of six cells)


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