Dipper Vaporizer Rose Gold


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Our Butler is proud to present the incredibly versatile Dipper Vaporizer! This sleek vaporizer comes with two different atomizers that are used for vaping your concentrates in different ways. First, the Vapor Tip atomizer is used to vape your concentrates with no torch, no rig, and no loading! Simply vape straight from your concentrates container so youll never have to worry about clogs or sticky messes. If youre looking for an on-the-go option, this incredible vaporizer also comes with a dual coil quartz atomizer for loading your concentrates into and vaping wherever you go. So ditch the torch, and grab up this modern looking, quality vaporizer! Included in Box: Dipper Vaporizer Vapor Tip Atomizer x2 Quartz Crystal Atomizer USB Charging Cable Metal Loading Tool Cleaning Swabs Need replacement tips? We have both the Vapor Tip and the Quartz Atomizer . https://vimeo.com/247373844


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