Dine with the Astronaut at Kennedy Space Center:


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The Ultimate Experience for Space Enthusiasts – DIne with an Astronaut at Kennedy Space Center.
Upon arrival at the main visitor center complex, it’s lunch time, and your chance to sit down to a buffet lunch and presentation from an astronaut – a great opportunity for photos and autographs. 

Following launch it is time to ride the DISCOVER KSC Bus Tour. This takes you close by the launch pads, it is a two hour fully guided bus tour within Kennedy and if you really want to experience Kennedy yet don’t necessarily wish to walk around and read the exhibits yourself then this is your opportunity. The tours shows you areas not seen on the regular bus tours. The bus tour ends at the Saturn V Center where guests get to walk under the Saturn V rocket and touch a peice of moon rock.

This is a compact day as you have alot to do, but if you really want to see the best that Kennedy has to offer then this is the day you should book!


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