DiMeCard micro8 microSD Memory Card Holder (Ultra thin credit card size holder, writable label)

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● Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
● Ultra-slim design – 1/10th inch thin, credit card size for wallet (thinnest in the world!)
● Writable panels to note memory card contents
● Ideal companion for camera phones, smart phones & tablet PC’s
● Holds eight microSD memory cards (not included) (does NOT hold full-size SD cards)
● Other colors/ designs available – search dimecard to view full range


Thin, durable memory card holder slips comfortably into wallet, purse or pocket. Store up to 4 TERABYTES (4,096 GIGABYTES) depending on the size of your memory cards. Memory cards are held firmly in place, optionally attach to lanyard (not supplied). Ideal for use with microSD-compatible mobile phones, tablet PC’s, cameras, camcorders, games consoles, etc. Allows you to keep all your photo’s, videos, movies, emails with you off-line, always available even when your network is not. No need to leave valuable data in your phone or PC, carry it with you on-person. *** PLEASE NOTE THIS HOLDER DOES NOT ACCOMMODATE FULL-SIZE SD CARDS (alternate model available). The DiMeCard provides a click, heard and felt when each microSD card is inserted into the holder and has positively locked in. * when a card has been inserted & locked in it will sit flush inside the card holder edge, if it has not locked in it will protrude over the edge of the card holder. Each memory card is retained by an internal spring clip which engages with the notch on the side of the microSD card. As SD Card Association members we have purposefully designed the holder to use this notch feature of the microSD specification. This is the safest way and avoids any bending strain on the chip inside the memory card. The DiMeCard micro8 has been drop tested from a height of 12 feet on to a hard surface and even when the card holder lands on its edge, none of the eight microSD cards are ejected. The card holder has also been tested by attaching it to a lanyard and ‘swinging’ it by rotation at 100 RPM without any memory cards falling out. * Memory cards are enclosed when inserted allowing the DiMeCard to slip smoothly in and out of the inner sleeves of a tight wallet without snagging. * Card holder body molded in one-piece ABS plastic. * Also available in white and red.

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