DeWalt DT99564 FlexVolt XR 190mm Circular Saw Blade 60T


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These DEWALT FlexVolt XR Circular Saw Blades are best suited to extremely tough cutting applications in thick timbers. The blade tooth arrangement delivers high performance cutting, coupled with efficient debris removal to the professional user. Ideal for ripping tasks, specially engineered to meet the DEWALT Extreme Runtime benchmark, giving twice the working life span and performance. They can deliver up to 31 meters of cut when used with the 54 Volt FlexVolt circular saw in comparison to 19 meters when used with other 18 Volt circular saws. This DEWALT FlexVolt XR Circular Saw Blade has the following specification: Diameter: 190mm.Bore: 30mm.Tooth: 60.Part Number: DT99564.


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