DeWalt DT2218QZ Jigsaw Blades 100mm (Pack 3)


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The DEWALT XPC Jigsaw blades have a optimised tooth angle which provides long life and clean tear-free cuts at high speeds in all wood materials. With a thicker blade body, increased taper angle and optimised tooth geometry for greater accuracy and control of cut. They have a slim narrow angled tooth design for clean cutting with less material breakout. The Plunge Pointâ„¢ tip allows for easy plunge cutting into all wood and wood substitute materials. Optimum tooth geometry provides increased blade and tooth strength and premium steel body for longer blade cutting life. Larger deeper gullets between teeth for easier wood chip removal and faster cutting. For use in hard and soft woods including laminates, plywood, chipboard and plastics.The DEWALT DT2218-QZ (T101DF) XPC Bi-Metal Wood Jigsaw Blades provide clean and fast straight cuts in hard wood, chipboard, plywood and laminates. Bi-Metal products provide an increased life, up to 2 x life of standard HCS blades.


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