Cobra MTX230C Petrol Multi-Tool


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The Cobra MTX230C Petrol Multi-Tool comes with four
attachments offering you everything you need to tackle jobs around the garden. Powered
by a new Cobra 23c S-Series engine, the MTX230C has a hedge trimmer, pole
pruner, grass trimmer and brush cutter attachment.Cobra’s S-Series engine has been engineered to be reliable,
high-torque, with industry-leading reduced emissions and reduced fuel
consumption. Fitted with an ergonomic loop handle, the MTX230C is ideal
for working in confined and awkward spaces. The shoulder harness limits the
strain and offers the best position whilst working. The brush cutter has a 3 tooth ‘Tri-blade’ which is designed
to give a clean cut without clogging. The brush cutter effortlessly reduces
brambles, dense shrub and saplings. For long grass and lawn edging, the grass
trimmer attachment has a productive tap ‘n’ go nylon head, the dual line
trimmer head releases extra line when the head is tapped on the ground. The MTX230C
has a 75cm shaft and loop handle which expertly trims around trees and
obstacles. The 180o articulating hedge cutter attachment will
give a smooth finish at varying angles. The 62cm double-sided blade attaches
to a 72cm shaft making easy work of trimming of hedge tops and sides. The MTX230C
has a wide 30mm tooth spacing and will trim through thicker varieties of hedge. Pole pruner attachments are particularly handy for
maintaining lower tree branches without needing a ladder. The MTX230C has a quality
Oregon chainsaw bar and chain attached to a 72cm shaft, this offers a good reach to
cut back branches. The saw bites well and leaves an even finish which will
stimulate healthy growth. Specification:Power Unit:        Engine Type: Cobra, S-Series, 23cc 2-strokeStarting Method: RecoilFuel Tank Capacity: 0.5 litresHandle: LoopHarness: Single shoulderWeight: 4.3kgGrass Trimmer & Brush Cutter Attachment:Shaft Length: 75cm          Trimming Head: Dual nylon line, tap ‘n’ goBrush Cutting Blade: Metal 3 tooth ‘Tri-blade’Weight: 1.8kgHedge Trimmer Attachment:Shaft Length: 72cmBlade Length: 62cmTooth Spacing: 30mmArticulation: 180oOregon Bar and ChainWeight: 2.3kgPole Pruner Attachment:Shaft Length: 72cm          Guide Bar Length: 30cm / 16″Weight: 1.9kgExtension Shaft: Optional, sold separately

Warranty: 2 years domestic (subject to annual service), 1
year commercial


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