CNPGD [U.S. Warranty] All-in-1 Smartwatch and Watch Cell Phone Black for iPhone, Android, Samsung, Galaxy Note, Nexus, HTC, Sony


● Factory to Customer Sale offers BEST price/ USA Seller & Brand + Bluetooth Authorization + FCC Certification
● Choice 1: USE as Cell Phone(Sim Card Needed, See description for “Which Carrier OK”) / Choice 2: USE as Smartwatch(NO Sim Card Needed, See description for Android & IPHONE SYNC, Some Function Blocked with no Sim Card and Memory Card)
● IPHONE Partial Available, CAN NOT SYNC ALL(See desciption for Detail)
● ANDROID Phone Can SYNC all(APP needed, See description for how to find APP)
● Warning: Charge by computer USB port ONLY, unauthorized charger MAY DAMAGE the battery. Don’t Heat battery or leave the watch in hot condition. Stop using the battery on damaged or swelled condition and contact seller at once.


Product Description

This All-in-1 Watch has Multi-Function for widely use:

Watch can be used as
1. Only a Cell phone(Choice 1 below, sim card needed),
2. Only a Smartwatch(Choice 2 below, smartphone needed),
3. Both

Choice 1: USE as Cell Phone(GSM 2G Sim Card Needed, not included)

This watch is a cell phone:
Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz(internet function by GPRS)
Unlocked for all countries’ GSM 2G Micro Size Sim Cards

Which Carrier’s Sim Card is AVAILABLE for this watch?

  • T-Mobile, Straight Talk, Lycamobile, Speedtalk, Ting GSM, Simple Mobile or ANY carrier’s GSM 2G Sim Card is available for this watch
  • AT&T, T-Mobile or ANY carrier’s GSM 3G/4G/5G Sim Card is NOT available
  • Verizon, Sprint, Boost, PagePlus and ANY CDMA carrier Sim Card is NOT available

Even WITHOUT Sim Card, following build-in watch functions are still available:

  • 1.3 MP camera, speaker, mic, pedometer, caculator, voice recorder, alarm, mp3/4 player, calendar, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder,

CORRECT Sim Card, you can

  • Call & receive call on watch
  • Send & receive Text Message on watch
  • Use watch build-in Facebook, Twitter, Web Browser app (GSM 2G Sim Card’s GPRS Function must be activated for internet use)

Insert Micro SD memory Card(TF Card, up to 32GB, not included), you can

  • Take photos and voice records (to save the file on memory card)
  • Enjoy Mp4 Videos and Mp3 Music on watch (memory card needed or no place to store the files)

Choice 2: USE as Smartwatch(NO Sim Card Needed)

This Watch is also a Smartwatch:

Android OS 4.0(or Above) smartphone(ANY BRAND) or IOS 8.0(or Above) Iphone Needed. With Bluetooth(find in “setting” menu) function activated.

IPHONE CAN ONLY SYNC Calls / Call log / Phonebook / Music
IPHONE CAN NOT SYNC TEXT Messages / Email / Camera / Social Media Updates / Others

ALL FUNCTIONS AVAILABLE for Android OS Smartphone(Any Brand), with Android APP installed.

How to install correct APP on Android smartphone?

Choice 1: Go to Android Phone, Search “BTNotification” APP in Google Play, download and install.

Choice 2: Go to Watch Menu, click “QR code”, it will show on watch screen, use Android Phone, scan, download and install.

What will happen, if use both as cell phone, and smartwatch?

If activated GSM 2G Sim Card, memory card inserted to this watch(with Sim Card GPRS function activated), 
At the same time, sync to another Android Phone or Iphone:

Congraduations! You have 2 choices for the following functions:

1. Make a Call.
Watch will show “Local” and “BT” 2 choice, Local Call is from your watch 2G sim card, BT(bluetooth) is from your sync Android Phone or Iphone. Both is OK.

2. Enjoy Music.
You can sync music from Android Phone or Iphone, or directly enjoy mp3 music on your watch memory card.

3. Get social media updates.
You can sync social media update such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, skype, email from your Android Phone(NOT AVAILABLE for Iphone), 
or use watch build-in facebook, twitter, web browser app(sim card GPRS function must be activated).

Choice 1: USE as cell phone(Sim Card/ Memory Card needed, not included)

Use as cell phone, activated GSM 2G Sim Card needed(for internet access, GPRS function also needed). 

Which Carrier’s Sim Card is available?
What functions are available as cell phone?

No Sim Card but has Android Smartphone or Iphone?
No problem, use this watch as a Smartwatch,


Choice 2: USE as Smartwatch(No Sim Card Needed)

Android OS version 4.0+ Smartphone(ANY BRAND) or IOS 8.0+ Iphone Needed. 
With Bluetooth(find in “setting” menu) function activated.

ALL FUNCTIONS are AVAILABLE for Android OS Smartphone(Any Brand), with Android APP installed.
SEE DESCIPTION ABOVE for “How to install Android APP”.

IPHONE CAN ONLY SYNC Calls/Call log/Phonebook/Music

Wonderful SYNC Functions as Smartwatch!

Messages PUSH


Don’t Miss Any Update!
Push Call/Text Message/ Email/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Whatsapp/ other app/ updates to the watch

Music SYNC

Both IPHONE and Android Phone OK / NO APP Needed

Save Power & Enjoy Music!
Sync & Control Music or other app’s sound to the watch

Remote Camera Control


Control Camera On Watch!
Sync & Control Android Phone’s Camera, to take pictures, videos,
file stores on Android Phone



Never lose cell phone!
Beep or Vibration warning on Watch, in case of android phone “out of range”(20 to 40 feet).

Build-In Health & life Control


Records steps every day.

Sleep Monitor

Monitor sleep quality and record sleep status data.

Sedentary Reminder

Remind to get out of seat for some movement by Beep or Vibration.

Useful Functions

Caculator / Alarm / Calenda /

Build-in Camera on watch / Voice Recorder / Mp3/4 Player(need memory card) 

Build-in Facebook,Twitter, Web Browser App(needs activated GPRS function from Sim Card)

Additional information


Black, Gold, Light Black, Light Silver, Red, Silver, White


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