ClutchIt The Original Dual Magnetic Movable Phone Holder and Tablet Mount (Space Grey)


● BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! – High grade aircraft aluminum and strong metal components. The perfect strength magnet to hold your cellular device securely! Full instructional booklet included so you won’t have any problems installing the magnetic car holder! Compatible with any smartphone and tablet
● PATENTED MOVABLE DOUBLE PIVOTING DESIGN – This handsfree magnetic-mount is the world’s first anywhere dual magnetic phone holder. Tablets? Not a problem. Clutch mount can support any device up to two pounds not just mobile smartphones or tablets to any desired area. Flexible, Bendable, Portable, Adjustable, Rotating, Handsfree. No More Selfie-stick
● THE PERFECT SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANION – Whether streaming, vlogging, makeup tutorials on your vanity mirror to hands-free webcam commentary, there is no limit to how you can Clutchit. No digging it out of your pocket or purse or dropping it on the car floor. Strongest Sturdy construction and quality magnetic power keeps your phone where you want it! The Clutchit phone mount design is superior to any other cradle holders on the market
● ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – 2 Thin Metal Plates for any object of your choice including Universal Compatibility with any Smartphone, Tablet or Case! Thin disc compatible with Pop-Socket. 1 Thick Metal Disc for your Dash or Surface. We only utilize the finest gel base adhesive and materials that you would never find on lower quality cheap phone mounts. Step by step instructional pamphlet
● ONE MOUNT, HUNDREDS OF USES – Clutchit Magnetic Mount is the perfect travel companion that moves with you – Automobile dashboard, windshield, hands-free selfie, Kitchen Table, boat, office desk, gym yoga vlogs, home, refrigerator, stove-top, shower, bath-tub, bed-room, wall, desktop. Other vehicles such as your motorcycle, bike handlebars, ATV, scooter, moped, minivan, jeep, truck, motorbike, dirtbike or anywhere you need hands free convenience


Product Description


Look no more, Clutchit is The World’s First Anywhere Dual Magnetic Phone Car Mount that will mount any smartphone or tablet devices securely to any desire surface. You’ll never need another mount! Clutchit is unlike any magnetic car mount in the market that features an aircraft grade aluminum body that will last forever, 6 neodymium magnets will secure your device without it ever fumbling off and 90 degrees of pivot-ability to adjust to the perfect angle. WOW! Clutchit will not block the air vents nor the windshield of your car unlike the typical vent and suction cup mounts and it’s a kickstand as well for your desk. Best of all, it is a mount that moves with you unlike any other stationary mount out there. It can be remove and reuse at the Gym for live feeds on your social media, in the kitchen referencing your favorite recipe while cooking, at the office, using it as a kickstand so you will never miss a message or phone call. These are examples of the many uses its capable of using for. One Mount, Hundreds of Uses.


• Clutchit Magnetic Mount for Smartphones, Tablet, Devices <2Ibs

• Clutchit Magnetic Mount is a revolutionary new magnetic mounting system for convenience and safely hold all your electronic devices, phone and/or tablet.

• Simply hold your device close to the Clutchit Magnetic Mount and it magically locks into place. It’s that easy!

• USE IT ANYWHERE – Clutchit Magnetic Mount moves with you – Perfect for your Bicycle handlebar, hands-free selfie, Kitchen stove-top and oven-top, boat, office desk, streaming gym vlogs, home or anywhere you need hands free convenience.

• Includes 2 Thin Plates for your Phone, GoPro or Tablet,1 Thick Plate for any Dash or Surface.


The car mounts and phone holders that are in the currently on the market are either stationary, bulky, or require two hands to operate. They obstruct your view or block your vents from A/C or heat. Most phone mounts are generally used in the car and it becomes a safety issue that many people face while driving when operating their phone. We made the Clutchit with safety in mind and to have a mount that is universal for your smartphones to your tablets. It also provides a wide range of adjust-ability to get you the perfect angle while using the mount and with ease of use. The Neodymium magnets are perfectly safe for all devices nowadays and will not disrupt your reception in anyway. In fact, most phones have magnets pre-installed already. The Clutchit is a dual-sided magnetic mount that moves with you. It allows you to mount and dismount so you can bring it with you and use it anywhere on metallic surfaces or with the use of metal plates it allows you to create the perfect mounting spot for your device. This is why the Clutchit is 1 mount with a 1000 uses!


The Clutchit is able to mount devices up to 2 lbs in weight and different sizes. Whether its a 4 inch phone or a 10 inch tablet, its capable to mount any size devices within the weigh limit.


Clutchit allows you to rotate and orient your smartphone and tablets in either portrait or landscape. It also has 100 degrees of pivot-ability to adjust to the perfect angles unlike any other mount on the market.


Clutchit utilizes neodymium magnets and metal plates to mount your smart phones and tablets to the desired area. It can be mounted anywhere whether its your car’s dashboard, your kitchen, the gym or your work desk, etc. The metal plates allows you to create your desired mounting area.


Clutchit is made of air craft grade aluminum, the same material that is used in fighter jets and iPhones. It is very sturdy and durable that will prove the test of time. It has 100 degrees of pivot-ability that allows you to adjust to the perfect angle. It allows you to mount, dismount and moves with you unlike your traditional mount that are stationary and serves one purpose. By itself, it can be utilized as a kickstand on your desk, replace your selfie stick, your perfect gym and social media companion. This is why we are the only mount with 100’s of uses.


The Clutchit magnetic mount moves with you and can mount on any metallic surface which makes it perfect for the gym. Compatible with most gym equipment, you can also mount and shoot your Facebook Live or Instagram feeds and share your workouts with your followers. It also can be use to take Selfies as it mounts to metallic surfaces such lamp posts, metal table tops, metal rails, vehicles etc. Simply set the timer on your phone to shoot your photos. NO MORE SELFIE STICKS!!!


Hong Wang


Daniel Cotton


Steven Zhu

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How did you come up with the idea for this product?

The idea of the mount came into fruition when I was looking for the best mount for my father who is an Uber driver because one time when my father was trying to navigate on his Phone’s GPS while driving, his current phone mount fell and we almost got into an accident. From there, I searched the entire web and couldn’t find a single good mount that offered safety, functionality, doesn’t block the vents and flexibility. Along the way while brainstorming the idea of the mount, the Clutchit expanded from just addressing a safety issue to an Anywhere mount where you can enjoy the mount wherever you go.

What makes your product special?

The Clutchit is the only of it’s kind not simply because it’s the world’s first dual magnetic mount. The aircraft grade aluminum is unique unlike most traditional mounts that are made plastic and unreliable. It offers a lot more adjust-ability compared to other mounts, so it can be adjusted to the perfect angle. The Clutchit revolutionizes a stagnant phone mount and how a phone mount is used. It not only a phone mount , its a companion for your phone and tablets.

What has been the best part of your experience?

The best part of the experience in creating the Clutchit was the challenge of taking a basic highly used concept and making it a unique product in it’s own right. The whole process in itself from just an idea to creating it into a actual product.

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Gold, Matte Black, Rose Gold, Silver, Space Gray


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