City Sightseeing Lima Hop-on Hop-off


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The starting point of this open-top bus tour is at Larcomar, Bus Stop 1. Make sure you check out the shopping centre nearby before you get on to one of our buses, you’ll find so many shops there for everyone’s tastes. We’ll pick you up straight from the bus stop at Larcomar. Don’t worry, you won’t miss our buses, they’re bright red, London style buses with an open top roof! Hop on-board and enjoy the views from up high as we drive past 7 of Lima’s finest attractions. Get your camera ready!

First up at Bus Stop 2 you’ll see Parque Kennedy and it’s beautiful surroundings, located right in the heart of the Miraflores district. Next up is the historical landmark Huaca Pucllana at Bus Stop 3. Here you’ll see pre-Incan pyramids up close, all of which are still very much intact, right in the city centre. 

We’ll drive you straight through the Plaza Grau at Bus Stop 4 where you’ll be able to take in the vibrant energy and witness the monument in the centre, a sculpture that stands over 20 metres tall, created by the Spanish sculptor, Victorio Macho. We’ll take a peaceful drive through Plaza Mayor, also known as the Plaza de Armas and you’ll be able to see some of the most spectacular buildings in Lima, including the Government Palace and the Municipal Palace of Lima. Get your ticket online today and start planning your trip to Lima!


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