Cell Phone Camera Lens, 20x Telephoto Lens + 180 Degree Fisheye Lens, 2 in 1 Phone Camera Lens + Tripod + Remote Shutter for iPhone x 8 7 6s 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy & Most Android Smartphone


● AMAZING MAGNIFICATION PERFORMANCE: The telephoto lens overcomes the shortage of our own mobile devices by bring us clear and detailed image when taking long distance shooting. The lens shell is constructed of premium aluminum material for its durability, therefore the telephoto lens ends up showing elegant metal appearance.
● ACCURATE OPTICAL PATH LENGTH: Comparing to the telephoto lens from others, the telephoto lens obviously takes advantage due to the accurate design of optical path length. The photos come out with less distortion, usually below 8%. Therefore the image will become more real and vivid.
● UNIQUE LENS DESIGN: The extendable lens barrel design allows the telephoto lens to stay handy and portable when carrying out. The focus fixed at 20x magnification with such design makes the lens become one of a kind. The telephoto lens is widely used for watching distant objects like football player, wild animal or landscapes.
● ADD-ON FISHEYE LENS: A 180 degree fisheye lens included to bring fun and interests when shooting. It offers us a round image like through fisheye angle, which makes the pictures come out attractive than normal so that we can enjoy more fun while taking pictures.
● HIGH COMPATIBILITY: The telephoto lens works with many mobile phones like iphone, Samsung, Sony, huawei, LG, Google smart phones when attaching to the universal clip included. Also with the stable tripod and remote controller inside the package, picture will be able to avoid hand-shake and shows clear image.


Product Description

  • ARORY specialized in optics glass for over 8 years with full experience. The lens kit was designed and manufactured by professional engineers under strict quality control.
  • This 20x telephoto lens kit was designed for photographer. Adjustable tripod for various different phone models. Sturdy package of the products to avoids damage during shipment.
  • NOTE — Please take more patience to attach the lens kit due to the 20x enlargement of magnification.

20x Telephoto Lens

— Object from far-away will be seen with details as it magnifies the target by 20 times and the scene will stay as real as possible if you focus on it correctly.


180° Fisheye Lens

— Takes a cool curved shot that looks like real vision, which makes the photos become much more funny and interesting.

telephoto lens design

lens without case 2

How to Use the Telephoto Lens?

1/ First align the big clip to phone lens correctly and make sure it stay in place
2/ Attach the telephoto lens to the clip and make sure the clip does not move
3/ Please hold the lens by using the tripod
4/ Please slowly stretch the barrel out for clear picture
5/ Please use the remote shutter to take better picture without touching the phone

How to Get Clear Picture?

▲ Please wipe the lens clean before using.
▲ It is normal telephoto lens with manual focus, not zoom lens.
▲ Better take off the phone case, especially thick case like defender case before using.
▲ Minimum Object Distance: 3 meters.
▲ Please readjust the clip position If there is vignetting appears on the phone.
▲ Please do not zoom in on your own mobile phone after telephoto lens was attached

Package Content

1x 20x telephoto lens
1x 180 degree fisheye lens
3x caps
1x shutter
1x tripod
1x cleaning cloth
1x big clip
1x user manual

How to Get in Touch with ARORY for Further Communication?

— Go to our product listing on Amazon and click the Store name “ARORY” next to “Sold by”, then click on “Ask a question” on the right top of page

— Log in your Amazon account > choose “Your orders” > find the order ID > click “Contact seller”

We are 100% dedicated to your complete satisfaction!


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