Castillo de San Miguel – Medieval Show


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Make your own way to the castle in the village of Aldea Blanca, just before San Miguel. Once at the castle you will be given a coloured bib to show where you will be seated and which knight you will be supporting during the show.

Your meal will be served in your area but don’t expect cutlery after all you are in Mediaeval times! So you can slurp your soup and eat your food with your fingers, but it fits in with your environment and you get quite used to it.

You cheer on your knight as they joust and take part in battles. The well trained horses are the stars of the show and while this is going on the red and white wine and water flow freely. The show, food and drinks are all included in your ticket price and with children half price it is good value.

Let yourself go and be part of a fun filled evening. A fantastic  KNIGHT to remember!

When the show is finished you are moved into another room where you can dance to the sound of a band. There is a bar in this room where you can buy drinks if you are still thirsty after all that wine. The castle closes around midnight after a great night’s entertainment.

After your own dancing you are treated to a Flamenco Show which finishes the night off perfectly, then make your way home after a great knight out!


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