Black Organic Mulching Film


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This Black Organic Mulching Film Has Been Designed To Ensure The Greatest Wet Strength Possible, Not Only Totally Degradable, It Is Also 100% Compostable, Leaving No Trace Of Residues. It Has Received Organic Certification For The Uk As Well As Mainland To Withstand The Elements During A Typical Uk Growing Seasonhelps To Prevent Sunlight Reaching The Soil, Inhibits Germination Of Weed Seed Present In The Soilorganic Mulching Film Creates A Barrier Against Airborne Weedscreates A Micro-climate That Speeds Up Root Growth To Establish Plants when Harvesting The Organic Mulching Film Can Simply Be Incorporated Into The Soilonce Buried, It Decomposes Along With Other Vegetable Mattersupplied In A 1.5m X 10m Pack


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